AIRWIRL 3.0 Mobile Cool Down System - Personal Cooling - Portable Aircon - AC




Color: Sea Salt


  • Ever been so over-heated you just want to take a second to catch your breath?
  • Airwirl 3.0 is your answer to a faster, more complete rescue cool down relief.
  • Whether for that unexplained hot flash, after a workout or just to take a break…Airwirl delivers immediate cool down relief.
  • It takes less than 10 SECONDS to load 2 cups of ice to begin your 100% effective “cool down” journey with Airwirl 3.0.
  • Compact and powerful air flow system changes warm ambient air temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Instant, refreshing cool air relief where and when you need it.

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Airwirl empowers you to stay comfortably cool… right from the palm of your hand. No mood light LED’s, no touchpad controls. Just refreshing “ice cold” air… anytime, anywhere at the push of a button.

Requires (3) AA batteries installed correctly with regard to polarity direction (+ and -). For best results install similar type disposable or fully charged reusable batteries. Disposable lithium batteries often provide the longest lasting device performance. Upon initial battery install, turbine fan will automatically turn on to ensure device functionality. Press the power button to turn off.
For “cool air”, unscrew and remove lid. Add (2) cups of ice cubes (maximum) and re-center air post back into the middle of the ice-filled container. Thread lid tight and push button “on” to activate cool airflow.
For best results, hold device up close or nearby your face, neck or body area. Cycle the power “on and off” as needed to extend the desired temperature performance.
For more remote placement, attach the flexible “air tube” provided. It extends from 8″ to 28″ and is “multi-positional” to help keep airflow “up close” and personal.